Vexan Fishing Backpack (w/4 x 3600 Trays) – $96.95

If you’re looking for the ultimate year-round fishing tool check out the Vexan Fishing Backpack over on Amazon. These bags have enough storage to carry all of your tackle plus all the accessories you’ll need on the Ice. Hurry and grab one before the sale ends.
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IFD EXCLUSIVE: Coupon Code – 25% Off!

We’ve scored an EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE over at for 25% Off your order from now until the end of November. Stand out from the rest of the pack and check out Vexan’s awesome new T-Vex Tungsten Ice Jigs. Also, now’s a great chance to complete your arsenal with a Vexan ice rod and Vexan Rod Bag just in time for early ice. Continue reading “IFD EXCLUSIVE: Coupon Code – 25% Off!”

Vexan Ice Rod & Tackle Bag – $99.95 (+ FREE Stuff!)

Vexan has their NEW semi-hard Rod/Tackle Bag marked down right now. This bag will fit 6-8 Ice Combos plus loads of other stuff. Check out the specs on this thing after the jump and see what you get for FREE right now along with it!
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IFD EXCLUSIVE: Coupon Code (+ Free Giveaway!)

We’ve scored an EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE over at for 10% Off your order. Get a crazy good deal on Vexan’S Ice Rods already marked down 50% and don’t forget the Crystal Reaper Jigging Minnow 3-packs on sale for $9.99. Exclusive Coupon Code after the jump. Continue reading “IFD EXCLUSIVE: Coupon Code (+ Free Giveaway!)”

Vexan Ice Rods – $15.00/ea

These Ice Rods typically sell for $40 each, but Vexan has their inventory marked down over 60% to clear out last year’s inventory. There’s not a whole lot of info on these rods around the web but what you can find is very positive, plus their ‘Summer’ rods get great reviews. At $15/ea they’re well worth grabbing a few.   Continue reading “Vexan Ice Rods – $15.00/ea”