Outlet Bait & Tackle World Famous $0.99 Sale (Roundup)

Getting your gear ready for ice? Maybe you need a few more lure colors/sizes to throw at those finicky fish this season. Stock up for cheap over at Outlet Bait & Tackle’s semi-annual World Famous $.99 Sale!

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Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow – $3.88

Image result for moonshine shiver minnow carbonCabela’s has a couple different colors/sizes of these Moonshine Shiver Minnows on a huge markdown. Grab a few for a different presentation under the ice this season.

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HOT TIP: 20% Off RBM Tungsten Jigs & Gear + Free Jigs On Orders Over $10

Thanks to ‘RossShav‘ for contacting us with this HOT TIP! Get 20% off all RBM Jigs & Gear plus five FREE Hyper Glow Tungsten Jigs on orders over $10. Make sure your jigs stand out from the rest of the ‘Tungsten Jig Pack’ with these hand painted RBM Jigs. Continue reading “HOT TIP: 20% Off RBM Tungsten Jigs & Gear + Free Jigs On Orders Over $10”

NEW! Marcum Mission & Quest Cameras – from $344.24

Here’s a chance to stack a bunch of coupon codes to get a great deal on some brand new gear. These new Marcum Mission & Quest Cameras are packed full of NEW features like the 1080HD Camera, and exclusive relative direction, depth and temperature readings. Grab this new gear at almost clearance prices with these coupon codes!

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Rapala Jigging Rap Series: 20%+15%+10% Off! (+Free Ship)

Jigging Rap®Right now you can stack FOUR coupon codes to get Rapala Jigging Raps at almost 40% off with Free Shipping. Head over to Rapala.com and stock up on all of the colors you need, these classic lures are known fish killers on open water AND on the ice. Hurry, this deal is only around for a week! Continue reading “Rapala Jigging Rap Series: 20%+15%+10% Off! (+Free Ship)”

Rapala Rippin’ Raps – BOGO + 10% Off!

Ultra Light Rippin' Rap®ATTENTION ALL HARDWATER AND OPEN WATER WALLEYE FISHERMEN! Rapala.com is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on Rapala Rippin’ Raps which can also be combined with coupons to get an additional 10% Off and Free Shipping. Stock up on these year-round Walleye-Slayers!
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BOGO: Berkley Snap Jigs – $5.49

Color: FiretigerThese Berkley Snap Jigs would make great year-round jigs allowing unlimited vertical jig & plastics combinations whether on Ice or Open Water. FishUSA is offering a Buy One Get One Free deal today, hurry over and stock up!
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Berkley Snap Jigs – BUY 2 GET 1 Deal (+ Eurotackle Z-Viber)

Color: FiretigerThese Berkley Snap Jigs came out last year and create an interesting twist on Jigging Rap Style lures; allowing you to use them with plastics. FishUSA is offering a Buy Two Get One Free deal today, grab your favorite colors and while your their check out the great price on Z-Vibers!
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Rapala Tackle: 20% +10% Off

Slab Rap®Rapala is offering 20% off tackle when you buy 10 or more lures. This discount can be stacked with their 10% Off Coupon Code. Don’t miss this great chance to stock up on popular lures like Rippin’ Raps, Jigging Raps, and Slab Raps!

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Lindy Glow Spoon Lures – $5.50

Lindy Golden Perch Glow Spoon Ice LureIf you’ve been out to your local tackle retailer on the hunt for these Lindy Glow Spoons, you’ve likely found a lot of bare shelves. These popular new lures have been hard to find this season, head over to Mills Fleet Farm and grab them while they’re on sale and most colors are in stock online.

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13 Fishing “The Dude” Tungsten Jigs – $3.50

13 Fishing The Dude Tungsten Ice Jigs - GoldMills has a great price on these 13 Fishing “The Dude” Tungsten Jigs. Hurry over and stock up while your favorite colors and sizes are in stock!
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Berkley Snap Jigs – BOGO Free

Color: FiretigerThese Berkley Snap Jigs came out last year and create an interesting twist on Jigging Rap Style lures allowing you to use them with plastics. FishUSA is offering a Buy One Get One Free deal today, grab your favorite colors and pair them with your favorite tails!
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Discount Stacking: TriggerX Plastics & Rapala Jigging Shad Raps

WingdingStack discounts to get great prices and free shipping on this popular ice fishing tackle. The TriggerX Plastics are already 30% off while the Rapala Jigging Shad Raps are 20% Off. Head over to Rapala.com and stock up while these discounts are still available! Continue reading “Discount Stacking: TriggerX Plastics & Rapala Jigging Shad Raps”

Sitka Arctic Rim Lures 24 Pc Kit – $9.99

Check out this deal on the Sitka Arctic Rim Jig Kit over at Scheels. With 24 different Jig sizes and colors you’ve got yourself covered for just about any scenario under the ice. Stock up while you can grab them for just over $0.40/ea. Continue reading “Sitka Arctic Rim Lures 24 Pc Kit – $9.99”

Berkley Trilene XL Fishing Line (2lb) – $1.98

Berkley® Trilene® XL® 20 lb. - 330 yards Monofilament Fishing Line - view number 1Head over to Academy Sports and check out this insanely low price on 2lb Berkley Trilene XL. This line would work great on light ice fishing setups or during the summer on your panfish rods. Stock up while it’s cheap and check out the rest of Academy’s Fishing Gear while shipping is Free with NO MINIMUM! Continue reading “Berkley Trilene XL Fishing Line (2lb) – $1.98”

Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps – $4.86

There’s no doubt these Ultra Light Rapala Rippin’ Raps iced their share of fish this season, but don’t rule them out now for open water. They’re great all summer long casting & ripping or vertical jigging. Stock up while Cabela’s has a great selection and even better price! Continue reading “Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps – $4.86”

Rapala Slab Raps & Rippin’ Raps – From $3.68

The Rapala Rippin’ Raps and Slab Raps catch fish year round whether on hard or soft water. If you don’t have a good assortment of sizes and colors in your tackle box check out these deals and catch more fish all year long!
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Outlet Bait & Tackle $1.99 Sale

Clam Drop Series The Drop JigOutlet Bait & Tackle has a handful of ice lures marked down as a part of their “Famous $1.99 Sale”. If your tackle box is a bit depleted from this last ice fishing season now is a good chance to get stocked back up! Continue reading “Outlet Bait & Tackle $1.99 Sale”

Northland 30% Off Winter Closeout Specials

FiretigerNorthland is running a 30% Off Winter Closeout Sale which includes all of their ice fishing tackle. If you have some empty compartments in your tackle box, or just need to stock up on your favorite lure, now is a great time to buy. Continue reading “Northland 30% Off Winter Closeout Specials”

Sportsmen’s Direct ‘Ice Out Sale’

Ice Hopper Tight Line Pro ReelSportsmen’s Direct has a bunch of their ice gear marked down up to 50% as a part of their ‘Ice Out Sale’. Head over and stock up on some great tackle deals and don’t miss the Flat Line rods; the same concept as a 13 Fishing Tickle Stick at half the price! Continue reading “Sportsmen’s Direct ‘Ice Out Sale’”

Salmo Zipper (Luminescent Dace) – $1.99

Salmo #4 Zipper - Luminescent Dace BlueThese Salmo Zipper’s were specifically designed as vertical jigging lures for both ice and open water. They’re likely not going to be your lure-of-choice for late ice, but at over 70% Off it’s worth grabbing a few for this summer and next ice season. Continue reading “Salmo Zipper (Luminescent Dace) – $1.99”

Rapala Jigging Rap Series & Moonshine Shiver Minnows – 30% Off!

Related imageCabela’s has their Rapala Jigging Raps & Moonshine Shiver Minnows marked down up to 30%. These proven lures have earned themselves a spot in every Ice Anglers Tackle Box. Check yours and stock up on any colors/sizes your missing. Continue reading “Rapala Jigging Rap Series & Moonshine Shiver Minnows – 30% Off!”