nICE Premium 22 qt Rotomolded Cooler (3 Colors) – $79.98

nICE Premium 22 qt Rotomolded Cooler - view number 1Sometimes you need a cooler out on the ice just so you can keep your food and drinks from freezing solid. Premium Coolers (like yeti) will typically cost you over $200 Continue reading “nICE Premium 22 qt Rotomolded Cooler (3 Colors) – $79.98”


Plano All Weather Tactical Case – $49.99

These Plano All Weather Cases were designed for firearms, but Ice Fisherman quickly found out they work even better as a rod cases. The removable cellular foam inserts allow for custom storage and maximum protection. Protect your investment in your rod arsenal and grab this deal! Continue reading “Plano All Weather Tactical Case – $49.99”

Rapala Rippin’ Rap (Size 6) – $4.98

Rapala® Rippin' Rap® 1/2 oz. Lipless Crankbait - view number 1The erratic swim and loud rattle of Rapala Rippin’ Rap catches aggressively feeding fish and is deadly when combined with a deadstick on light bites. Stock up while they’re cheap over at Academy Sports. Continue reading “Rapala Rippin’ Rap (Size 6) – $4.98”