IFD EXCLUSIVE: Vexan.com Coupon Code (+ Free Giveaway!)

We’ve scored an EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE over at Vexan.com for 10% Off your order. Get a crazy good deal on Vexan’S Ice Rods already marked down 50% and don’t forget the Crystal Reaper Jigging Minnow 3-packs on sale for $9.99. Exclusive Coupon Code after the jump.

Use Exclusive IFD Coupon Code “icefishingdeals” to get 10% off !

Check out these Ice Fishing Deals:
Tackle Industries Super Slicer Blade Baits – $2.69
Crystal Reaper Jigging Minnow (3-pack) – $8.99
Vexan Ice Rods – $17.96/ea

GIVEAWAYLike this Deal on Facebook and Tag a buddy who’s Ice Rod Arsenal or Tackle Box could use a boost for a chance to win! We’ll choose three winners who’ll get their choice of the following.

ONE Vexan Ice Rod + TWO Crystal Reaper Jigging Minnow 3-Packs
ONE Crystal Reaper Jigging Minnow 3-Pack




*Minimum of 40 Likes/Tags for prize packs to be given away. Ends 12/18.

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