St. Croix Legend Black Ice Rod – $55.99

This deal just popped up today over at the Cabela’s Bargain Cave. If you’re looking for a great all purpose rod check out this St. Croix Legend Black. With a Medium-Light action it’s capable of handling most fish and it’s included Continue reading “St. Croix Legend Black Ice Rod – $55.99”


St. Croix Avid Glass Rods – From $47.99

Avid Glass Ice RodThese St. Croix Avid Glass Ice rods were specifically designed with Panfish in mind. They’re getting hard to find around the web but we managed to find a few places where they’re on sale. Grab a few and head out hole hopping as the Panfish bite picks up Late Ice!

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St. Croix Avid Ice Rods – $39.99

These rods were listed as ‘sold out’ at one point yesterday but it appears Cabela’s found a few more in stock. Grab a St. Croix Avid Ice Rod while they’re 20% off, hurry though quantities are limited! Continue reading “St. Croix Avid Ice Rods – $39.99”


Cabela’s Deal Roundup (Clam, 13 Fishing, St. Croix, & More!)

Cabela’s has a bunch of Ice Rods and Hub Shelters marked down this week. Check out the great prices on St. Croix Avid & 13 Fishing Widow Maker Rods, and don’t miss the Clam Refuge & Escape Hub deals! Continue reading “Cabela’s Deal Roundup (Clam, 13 Fishing, St. Croix, & More!)”


St. Croix Avid & Avid Glass Ice Rods – $39.99

St. Croix Rods are difficult to find on sale. If you’re looking to grab a few Avid or Avid Glass Ice Rods this season get them now at Cabela’s while they’re 20% Off. Hurry though, stock is limited on all the lengths/actions that are left! Continue reading “St. Croix Avid & Avid Glass Ice Rods – $39.99”


BUY St. Croix Legend Black Rod GET One 3 Descent FREE!

St. Croix Legend Black Ice RodToday FishUSA is offering a Free One 3 Descent Inline Reel with the purchase of a St. Croix Legend Black Rod. The $40 value of the reel effectively drops the price of this combo almost 30%. Don’t miss this deal! Continue reading “BUY St. Croix Legend Black Rod GET One 3 Descent FREE!”