St. Croix Custom Ice Rods – from $99.99

The St. Croix Custom Ice Rods were new last season and hard to find on sale. Well, we found them at Glen’s $30 off right now. These rods are both species and technique specific so you can really dial in your presentation. Check these deals out and get the length/action you need before it’s gone. Continue reading “St. Croix Custom Ice Rods – from $99.99”

St. Croix Ice Rod Deals – From $39.99

St. Croix rods are hard to find on sale during the ice fishing season, so if you were waiting on a deal here’s your chance to get one. FishUSA has all of their all of their “Demo Rods” on sale right now, these have never been fished with and only “lightly handled”. Check them out before they’re gone! Continue reading “St. Croix Ice Rod Deals – From $39.99”