Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel (500) – $79.99

Shimano Symetre 500FL Spinning Reels These Shimano Symetre 500’s were discontinued and are difficult to find available. For years these were popular (higher-end-reels) among Hardwater Anglers. Grab one now while you can for 20% Off over at Marine General. Continue reading “Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel (500) – $79.99”

Cabela’s Reel-Deal Roundup (President, Symetre, Patriarch & More) – From $39.88

pflueger patriarchCabela’s has some great Reel-Deals right now. Check them out and make sure you go into this Season with a complete rod arsenal. As a bonus, any of these would be great for both open and hard water. There’s something for everyone, get in here! Continue reading “Cabela’s Reel-Deal Roundup (President, Symetre, Patriarch & More) – From $39.88”