ION 40V Max & ION X Lithium Augers – From $404.99

Sportsman’s Guide has both of the ION Electric Augers on sale right now. If you missed out on any of the double discount promos they’ve been running the last few weeks here’s another chance to get a great deal on these ION Augers. Continue reading “ION 40V Max & ION X Lithium Augers – From $404.99”


FishUSA: 15% Off All Augers (K-Drill, Nils, Jiffy, & More!)

Nils USA Folding Cordless Convertible AugerFishUSA has all of their Augers available at 15% Off today. This is a great chance to grab the augers that don’t typically go on sale (Nils, ION, etc.). If you’ve been waiting for a deal on a specific auger, now’s your chance to get one! Continue reading “FishUSA: 15% Off All Augers (K-Drill, Nils, Jiffy, & More!)”

ION Electric Ice Auger Bit – $97.49

Sportsman’s guide has the ION Auger Bits marked down over $50.  If you’re looking for a few options on hole sizes with your ION Auger here’s a great deal on the 6″ Auger Bit. Grab one as a backup or use it on those Panfish Trips to save weight when you don’t need a bigger hole.
Continue reading “ION Electric Ice Auger Bit – $97.49”

ION 40V Max Electric Auger (8″) – $431.07

Amazon has had great pricing on the ION Augers lately and they just got even better. The ION 40V Max Auger is now at $431.07 which is the lowest ‘Prime Eligible‘ price in the last 12 months. Jump on this deal today and have the auger in time for the weekend! Continue reading “ION 40V Max Electric Auger (8″) – $431.07”

Marine General Winter Sale (ION, Clam, Marcum, & More) – From $259.99

Clam Vista Link Thermal Stealth Ice ShelterMarine General is running a ‘Winter Sale’ right now with tons of great deals. We’ve rounded up just some of the highlights, so be sure and head over and check out the sale yourself. Continue reading “Marine General Winter Sale (ION, Clam, Marcum, & More) – From $259.99”