Nordic Legend Hubs (3&4 Man) – From $179.99

The Nordic Legend Hub Shelters have dropped in price over at Amazon. These shelters get great reviews, and anytime you can get a 4-Man Thermal Hub for under $200 you’re getting a great deal. Grab the size you need and get ready for early ice! Continue reading “Nordic Legend Hubs (3&4 Man) – From $179.99”

Eskimo Evo 1 Crossover Shelter – $182.85 (shipped!)

This Eskimo Evo1 was in our Amazon Update yesterday for just under $214 but now the price has taken a steap drop to $195. If you’re  looking for a roomy one man shelter this is a killer deal. Remember, shipping is free (which is rare with flipovers), don’t miss out! Continue reading “Eskimo Evo 1 Crossover Shelter – $182.85 (shipped!)”

Back In Stock: Nordic Legend Hub Shelters – From $179.99

These Nordic Legend Shelters disappeared for a while from Amazon after the ice fishing season, but are back in stock now and at great prices to boot. Check out all the great reviews these shelters get and grab the one you need for next season. Continue reading “Back In Stock: Nordic Legend Hub Shelters – From $179.99”

Clam Vista Link Thermal & Thermal Stealth Hub Shelter – $209.99

Marine General has the best price on the web right now on these Clam Vista Thermal Hubs. With these shelters you can fish 2-3 guys on their own or link two up and fish 4-6.
Continue reading “Clam Vista Link Thermal & Thermal Stealth Hub Shelter – $209.99”

Otter XT Cabin Flipover – $619.94 (Shipped!)

The price on this Otter XT Cabin Flipover just dropped over at Amazon. Shipping is free, making this the best ‘Shipped Price’ around the web right now. You’ll pay $100+ to have this shipped at other sites. Continue reading “Otter XT Cabin Flipover – $619.94 (Shipped!)”

Otter XTH Lodge Thermal Hub (3-4 Man) [BEST PRICE] – $249.99

Otter XTH Lodge Hub Ice ShelterL&M Fleet Supply has these Otter XTH Lodge Thermal Hubs marked down to $249.99 which matches the best price we’ve ever seen on this shelter. Head over and grab one before they sell out, shipping is free!
Continue reading “Otter XTH Lodge Thermal Hub (3-4 Man) [BEST PRICE] – $249.99”

Shappell WH5500 & WH6500 Hub Shelters – From $161.99

If you’re in the market for a ‘Hub Style’ shelter you’ll want to check out the Shappell Wide House Hubs. These popular shelters are light weight and provide plenty of space with the Wide Bottom Design. Grab one now while they’re cheap! Continue reading “Shappell WH5500 & WH6500 Hub Shelters – From $161.99”

Otter Cottage & Cabin Flipover Shelters – $499.99-$599.99 (Shipped!)

Model: CabinHurry and check out the great deals on these Otter Flipover Shelters over at FishUSA. You can get them now at great prices but to make the deal sweeter they ship for free! If you’re in the market for an Otter Flipover jump on this!
Continue reading “Otter Cottage & Cabin Flipover Shelters – $499.99-$599.99 (Shipped!)”

UPDATE: Otter XT Resort + Cottage XT [Best Price] – $449.99-$719.99

otter resortUPDATE: With the 10% site wide discount over at Cabela’s you can now get this Otter XT Resort for an amazing $719.99 or for a slightly smaller shelter check out the Cottage for $449.99. If you were waiting for a great deal to pounce on a shelter this is it!
Continue reading “UPDATE: Otter XT Resort + Cottage XT [Best Price] – $449.99-$719.99”

Guide Gear Insulated Shelter Roundup (6×6, 6×12) – From $170.99 (w/ membership)

guide gear 6x12Sportsman’s Guide has there in-house brand “Guide Gear” Shelters available for order. If you’re a member you can get even better prices on these Insulated Shelters. They’re also offering free shipping right now on orders over $49 with code Coupon Code: SH1294. Continue reading “Guide Gear Insulated Shelter Roundup (6×6, 6×12) – From $170.99 (w/ membership)”

Otter XT Resort – $799.99

otter resortCabela’s has the Otter XT Resort marked down $100 to $799.99. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line and spacious flip-over this is a great choice. The bench could probably fit three guys, but with 35sqft. of fishable space I would think you could pretty easily fish four out of this shelter.  Continue reading “Otter XT Resort – $799.99”

Frabill Predator 6181 Ice Shelter – $562.56 (shipped)

81huom4vrol-_sl1500_Amazon continues to have great shelter deals like this Frabill Predator at $562.56 ($800-$900 elsewhere). The icing on the cake for these deals is certainly the free shipping. If you live in an area where you can’t get to a store to pick up a shelter Continue reading “Frabill Predator 6181 Ice Shelter – $562.56 (shipped)”

Frabill Aegis 2000 & 2110 [Best Price] – From $219.16 (shipped)

aegisAmazon has two stone cold ice fishing deals on the Frabill Aegis 2000 and 2110 Flip Over Style Shelters. Not only are the prices the best we’ve seen (when factoring in S&H), but they are offering free shipping which like we said, is rarely offered with flip overs. Continue reading “Frabill Aegis 2000 & 2110 [Best Price] – From $219.16 (shipped)”

Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Flip Over Shelter – $359.99 (Shipped!)

15400-eskimo-quick-flip-2Amazon has a great deal on the Eskimo Quick Flip 2 Flip Over Shelter. What makes this 2-Man Shelter such a great deal is that you can get it for $360 and that includes shipping! The next best price you’ll find on this shelter is about $450 including shipping.  Continue reading “Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Flip Over Shelter – $359.99 (Shipped!)”