UPDATE: Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter – NOW $10.72

UPDATE: The price on this Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter dropped over at Amazon, hurry and grab one before the price jumps back up to $15. These adapters are great time-savers out on the ice when setting up Hub-Style Shelters! Continue reading “UPDATE: Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter – NOW $10.72”


Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter -$11.35

Here’s one of those great little items you’ll never regret buying. These adapters easily stash away in a tackle bag and take the headache out of setting up hub shelters (especially on windy days). Just attach it to a power drill and anchor your shelter quickly, spend more time fishing and less time setting up! Continue reading “Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter -$11.35”

Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter -$11.02

Hub’s can take a little more time to setup up than other shelters, especially on windy days. This adapter will allow you to move quickly around your hub and drill in anchors, eliminating the tedious task of twisting anchors by hand. Continue reading “Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter -$11.02”

HOT TIP: Eskimo Ice Anchors (2-pack) – $11.97

Eskimo Ice Anchors, 2 PackThanks to ‘Eric‘ for contacting us with this HOT TIP! These Eskimo Ice Anchors frequently come up in debates over best hub shelter ice anchors. Amazon has them marked down to a great price right now, save time on your hub setup and grab these anchors! Continue reading “HOT TIP: Eskimo Ice Anchors (2-pack) – $11.97”