PAXCESS PA100W AC/DC Power Supply – $99.99 (+ Add-Ons)

This power supply can do everything; power your shelter lights, charge your phone, and even recharge your flasher! Stay charged, stay connected, don’t miss this Amazon Gold Box Deal.

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Frabill: Amazon Gold Box Deals – From $16.77

Frabill has a handful of ice fishing items on sale over at Amazon Gold Box. Jump on these before the deal ends!
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SHELTER MODS (Battery Box): Illuminated Waterproof Panel W/3-Sockets – $14.62

The offseason is the perfect time to start working on Ice Shelter Mods. Building a battery box is a great way to light your shelter and keep your electronics charged. Check out this Amazon Gold Box Deal on a Waterproof LED Lit Panel w/Sockets to get your project underway. Continue reading “SHELTER MODS (Battery Box): Illuminated Waterproof Panel W/3-Sockets – $14.62”

Amazon Gold Box: Fishing & Boating Essentials

Amazon has some fishing gear on sale as a part of their Amazon Gold Box “Fishing/Boating Essentials Deals”.  A bunch of the items in the sale can be multi-purposed for both ice and open water fishing. Check out all the great crossover deals after the jump. Continue reading “Amazon Gold Box: Fishing & Boating Essentials”

Frabill Insulated Bait Bucket w/ Aerator – $17.43

Image result for Frabill 4825 Insulated Bucket Fishing EquipmentThese Frabill Buckets are handy for storing and transporting live bait. With it’s insulated construction and built in lid-aerator they’re ideal for keeping bait alive and fresh in all fishing conditions. Grab one cheap as a part of today’s Amazon Gold Box Deals!

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