Sportsman’s Guide Double Discount + Free Shipping (1-Day SALE!)

This is a great chance to grab the ice gear you don’t typically see on sale this time of year. Check out our roundup of some of the best available items. Don’t miss the rare chance to get free shipping on Flipover Shelters!

Use coupon code SH1925 to get the Double Buyers Club Discount and Free Shipping with no minimum! (ends: 12/12/18)

Check out these Ice Fishing Deals:
See all of SG’s Ice Gear HERE!
Mr. Heater Buddy Heater – $65.13
DEWALT Portable Propane Heater/Charger  – $143.99

Striker Ice Predator Jacket – from $167.99
Striker Ice Predator Bibs – from $167.99

Eskimo Ice Auger Pistol Bit – from $135.99
K-Drill Ice Augers – from $159.99
Eskimo Stingray Quantum Ice Auger – $239.99
ION 40V Max Electric Auger – $375.99
ION X Electric Ice Auger – from $511.99

Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel (500) – $23.99
13 Fishing Tickle Stick Rods – $40
13 Fishing FreeFall Ghost Inline Reel – $56
13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle (Ghost+Tickle Stick) – $88
13 Fishing Black Betty FreeFall Inline Reel – $88

Rod Storage:
Eagle Claw Ice Rod Case – $31.99
Clam Hard-Sided Ice Rod Locker  – $79.99

Guide Gear Fully Thermal Hub (2-3 Man) – $159.99Shappell® FX100i Insulated 1-Man Flip Ice Fishing Shelter
Guide Gear Thermal 6’x12′ Hub (4-6 Man) – $171.99
Shappell FX100i Thermal Flipover (1-Man) – $215.99
Guide Gear 5-Hub Full Thermal Hub – $239.99
Clam Retreat Hub (4-5 Man) – $239.99
Frabill Fortress 260 Top Thermal Hub (2-3 Man) – $239.99
Eskimo Wide-1 Inferno Flipover (1-Man) – $271.99
Eskimo Sierra Thermal Flipover (2-Man) – $335.99
Eskimo FatFish 6120I Thermal Hub (5-7 Man) – $351.99

Own and use any of this Gear? Take advantage of these Ice Fishing Deals? Give us your two-cents in the comments below.

Find a better deal? Let us know!

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NOTE: Deals often come and go quickly. We try to post deals as quickly as we can but often times a deal can end on an item shortly after we post it. So take advantage of deals quickly, and check back at IFD as often as possible!
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