Amazon Gold Box Ice Fishing Deals (Abu Garcia, Berkley, Mitchell, & More!)

Mitchell Avocet RZ Ice Combo - Combos

We posted this Amazon Gold Box Ice Fishing Sale last week, but since it’s still going on we thought we’d give it a little refresh. If you’re looking to boost your rod arsenal don’t miss these awesome deals on Rods, Reels, Combos, & More!

Check out these Ice Fishing Deals:
See all three pages of Amazon Gold Box Ice Deals HERE!

Abu Garcia:
Abu Garcia Volatile Ice Rod (ML, 27″) – $17.80
Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Ice Rod (UL, 29″) – $18.34
Abu Garcia Ice MAX Spinning Reel – $24.71
Abu Garcia Venerate Ice Combos – From $27.77
Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Combo (UL, 29″) – $35.99

Berkley Ice Metal Scoop – $6.39
Berkley Amp Ice Rods – From $10.04
Berkley Series One Ice Rod – $12.26
Berkley Heritage Ice Rod (ML, 28″) – $15.99

Fenwick HMG Ice Rods – From $15.04
Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Rods – From $23.01
Fenwick Methods Ice Rods (2-In-1) – From $23.28
Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Casting Rod (M, 30″) – $28.75
Fenwick Aetos Ice Rods – From $30.23
Fenwick NightHawk Ice Combo (UL, 24″) – $35.99

Johnson Thinfisher Blade Bait – From $1.27
Johnson Rattlin’ Scout Ice Spoon – From $1.92

Mitchell Avocet RZ Ice Combos – From $8.61

Shakespeare Sturdy Stik Rod (M, 28″) – $3.11
Shakespeare Noodle Ice Rod (L, 30″) – $11.99
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Rod (L, 26″) – $15.61
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo – $21.59

Own and use any of this gear? Take advantage of these Ice Fishing Deals? Give us your two-cents in the comments below.

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NOTE: Deals often come and go quickly. We try to post deals as quickly as we can but often times a deal can end on an item shortly after we post it. So take advantage of deals quickly, and check back at IFD as often as possible!
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