UPDATE: Guide Gear Ice Suit (Parka & Bibs) – $80.99/ea

122093m8_tsUPDATE: Sportsman’s Guide is running a sweet special right now. Spend $99 and get $15 off plus a $15 gift card. This effectively brings the price of a complete Guide Gear Ice Suit down to $131.98.

You’d be hard pressed to find just a jacket for that price by any other brand. Hurry though, this is a one day deal!

Check out these Ice Fishing Deals:
Guide Gear Waterproof Ice Parka – $89.99 ($80.99 w/ mem.)
Guide Gear Men’s Waterproof Ice Bibs – $89.99 ($80.99 w/ mem.)
*Be sure and use promo code SG3947 to get $15 off and a $15 gift card.

Don’t need an ice suit? Check out the great prices on their other ice gear!

Originally Posted on October 17, 2016:

Sportsman’s Guide has their Guide Gear ice suits available again over at their website. You won’t find a complete ice suit anywhere else for this price!

These Guide Gear suits get almost perfect reviews so you can be sure they’re quality is there. If you need a jacket and/or bibs and don’t have the luxury of waiting for a sale, you can’t go wrong with these Guide Gear Suits anytime.

MINI IFD Review: I bought a pair of their bibs last year and absolutely love them. They’ve perfomed flawlessly for me so far, I’ve spent entire weekends on my knees in slush and stayed warm and dry the whole time.  I’ve also whole hopped out in -5 degree windchill with nothing but a pair of fleece pants underneath and been warm and cozy all day. I like the bibs so much that I plan on getting a Parka this year to complete the suit.

Be sure and use coupon code SH1130 to get free shipping, and while your at it get a Buyer’s Club membership as well. SG always has great deals!

Check out these Ice Fishing Deals:
Guide Gear Waterproof Ice Parka – $89.99 ($80.99 w/ mem.)
Guide Gear Men’s Waterproof Ice Bibs – $89.99 ($80.99 w/ mem.)

Don’t forget your hat!
Guide Gear Trapper Hat w/ Facemask – $14.99 ($13.49 w/ mem.)

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