Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner [Best Price] – $119.96 (shipped)

skinzitBoth Amazon and Cabela’s have the Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner marked down to $119.96. You get free shipping over at Amazon (free 2-day for prime members), and free in-store pickup at Cabela’s (otherwise its $5 to ship). These typically sell in the $150 range, and $119.96 is the best price we’ve seen yet.

I’ve never had the chance to use one of these, but love the idea of speeding up the process of cleaning panfish. When you come home after a long day on the lake it can be difficult to get motivated to clean the fish. With a little practice the Skinzit would definitely make this process easier and faster. The other obvious bonus is that this unit will be a great year-round tool since it doesn’t care if your fish were caught in the winter or summer.

Check out the Deals:
Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner [Best Price] – $119.96 (shipped)
Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner [Best Price] – $119.96 (in-store pickup)

NOTE: The Skinzit gets marginal reviews, but thats likely due to people not doing the appropriate research and practicing with it. If you grab one be sure to look up tutorials on youtube, don’t expect to just blindly feed fillets to this thing and have it spit out a good piece of meat.

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5 thoughts on “Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner [Best Price] – $119.96 (shipped)

    1. JT,
      Thanks for visiting IFD, I’m sorry this deal was not still available for you. This post was made back in 2016 so these sales have long since ended.

      Check back on the site, we’ll keep our eyes out for another skinzit deal.

      Thanks again!


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