Northland Tackle Deals (Forage, Buck Shot, Macho) – From $2.19

0000000233811Walmart has some great deals on a limited selection of Northland Lures. Nothing gets me more excited about hitting the ice as lure shopping does. There’s something about all the variations in size, shape, and color that triggers my imagination and excites me about the prospect of finding THE perfect lure for a certain time and place.

Quick Tips: I’ve been experimenting with some of my ice fishing tackle this summer for bobber fishing and vertical jigging. A bobber and spoon paired together almost emulate vertical jigging when you jig intermittently using the right sized bobber. This has caught me quite a few panfish this summer (I like using the thill wobble bobbers and a small 1/16oz or 1/32oz spoon the best).
When over deeper water, I’ve experimented with vertical jigging using various ice fishing spoons. I like using the ice fishing spoons because they dive fast, which is nice when you’re drifting slowly, and since I’m vertical fishing, I might as well use a lure that’s meant for it (duh). I’ve found a few nice spots this year where my sonar showed fish under the boat and this technique has worked out.

Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $50, so if you needed a cart filler now you’ve got one!

Check out the Deals:
Northland Tackle Forage Minnow Spoon (1/8oz, SuperGlo Redfish) – $2.19
Northland Tackle Forage Minnow Fry (#8, SuperGlo Perch) – $2.68
Northland Tackle Buck Shot Rattle Spoon (1/8oz, Silver Shiner) – $3.68
Northland Tackle Macho Minnow (1/4oz, SuperGlo Redfish/Chub) – $3.84

Own and use any of these Northland Lures? Take advantage of this deal? Give us your two-cents in the comments below.

Find a better deal? Let us know!

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NOTE: Deals often come and go quickly. We try to post deals as quickly as we can but often times a deal can end on an item shortly after we post it. So take advantage of deals quickly, and check back at IFD as often as possible!





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