Cabelas “Cart Fillers” offers $5 flat rate shipping on order of $99 or more. If you’re like me you commonly come up a few dollars short of the threshold and need to find an item to add to get you to the lower shipping rate.  Below are a list of great deals on ice fishing accessories you can use to get yourself over that hump.

Check out the Deals:

Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Installation Tool – $11.19

Clam Outdoors™ Packable Shelter Shovel -$17.49

Clam Outdoors Tackle Pouches – $3.49

Croxton Ice Double-Sided Tackle Box – $6.99

Beaver Dam Fishing Bucket Brackets – $8.74

Eagle Claw Bucket Rod Holder – $1.04

Cabela’s Adjustable Ice-Rod Covers (Two-Pack) – $5.59

HT Enterprises Chip ‘N Dip Metal Skimmer – $3.63

HT Enterprises Night Star Tip-Up Light – $6.39

Have and use any of these items? Take advantage of this deal? Give us your two-cents in the comments below!

Find a better deal? Let us know!

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